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PC cases: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, Gaming,
– Server chassis: pedestal, rack mount, accessories
Two brands concentrate all models of PC cases in our catalog and cover any formatting needs of our customers: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, Gaming,
CoolBox with which we work exclusively and for which we, and already many of our customers, make a strong bet, with a variety of chassis for all the needs and benefits and at the best possible price in the market, thanks to a tight margin that allows us to deal directly with the manufacturer. And PC CASE, our own white technology brand. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.





Multi-socket Fans and Cooling 

One of the most critical elements for our computers’ care is ventilation, and for this, POWERCASE offers, under its CoolBox brand, all types of solutions, retail and gaming as well as integration, and all those that are not yet in our market but that our customers will need in the future. We have the best solution for you, and if not, we will have it very soon.




In order to become a global solution for all types of distributors and integrators we have all kinds of components for computers, domestic, office or for gaming environments: Card readers, power supplies (Retail, for assembling lines, ATX, SFX, TFX, Rack Specials, redundant, Flex), bay adapters, thermal folders, etc. Please let us know if you need any other specific component.


We cover any need for uninterruptible power supply systems, both for home and office environments, and if you need any other solution do not hesitate to contact us. Be prepared for any power blackout.

Cabinets Rack 19”

Monolyth is adding to its catalog according to the needs and suggestions of customers, both floor and wall mounted, with all kinds of accessories (panels, sockets, wiring guides, ventilation panels, trays, patch panels, cables, drawers, locks, wheels and screws …) A catalog in constant expansion and customization to customers’ taste and requirements. Monolyth’s goal is to provide you with the product you need.
Monolyth is a perfect solution for companies looking for a multipurpose product, and with excellent price/quality ratio. A useful and extensive range of 19″ rack cabinets and accessories for servers and networks, assembled in Spain and CE certified. Robust and reliable cabinets installed in a multitude of computer systems from public and private entities.
– Minimum response time in production
– Reduced delivery time
– Permanent stock for immediate delivery
– Flexibility in finishes and accessories
– After-sales service in constant improvement
– European Certifications and Approvals
– Respect for the environment
– Correct waste treatment



Computers are not just boxes, motherboards and power supplies; we are adding new peripherals to our product catalog: keyboards, mouses, speakers, hard disk housings, headsets, USB hubs, power strips, external memory card readers, etc… And we are always open to requests and suggestions from our customers. Give us a try, we will find the solution to your needs; if the peripheral exists we will find them for you.

One of the fastest growing sectors is gaming. In terms of diversity, demand, supply and therefore billing, so we have an exclusive distribution brand in Spain dedicated to everything related to Gamer equipment, CoolBox subdivision, Deep Gaming, LED and liquid coolers, gaming chassis, large mouse pads, headsets, powerful and certified power supplies and of course high quality and precision mouses. The needs of new equipment and users make this market a constant challenge for us.


The diversity of platforms and needs has made that the PC market has steadily shifted to a greater diversity of sizes and formats in office equipment, computer networks, gaming environment, desktops and laptops, household appliances for general use, or for specific applications by placing them next to the TV in the living room or as small integrated equipment behind the monitor or even fully integrated All in One.


One of the most booming markets in recent years, especially in the public administration or teaching sector is the use of computers with free software and an integrated Linux system (in any of its different distributions). That is why we are committed to a brand already consolidated in this sector, such as VANT, to offer our retail channel customers integrated solutions of all types of equipment with Linux operating system installed.


The retail channel technology sales sector has grown enormously in everything that has to do with mobility, whether in devices, laptops, notebooks, tablets or smart phones, which we can already consider pocket computers. That is why we are increasingly incorporating more products into our catalog that meet the needs of our new technology partners: universal chargers for laptops, power banks, home and car chargers for all types of charging devices through USB ports, covers, brackets, headphones and Bluetooth speakers or 3D glasses.


Still increasing our products’ catalog each season with new additions, the speed of progress of this crazy sector makes each season a new challenge, always looking for the latest to stay behind in this competitive market.


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