Which brands put their trust in PowerCase and its customers?

PowerCase bets first and exclusively, by Spanish companies with guarantee, quality and excellent price in peripherals, accessories, components, computers and cabinets

CoolBox is technology for your day to day. A brand that sells, manufactures and distributes all types of computer components, peripherals and computer accessories, smartphones and tablets. 15 years feeding PCs and designing accessories that makes our lives easier. This is precisely what makes us different.
At CoolBox we do not settle for the easiest solution, we like to get wet. We jump into the pool with a new product because we are passionate to surprise users by offering a personalized, close and very useful technological experience.
“Our obsession for customization and improvement of the user experience is our main virtue”
Continuing with that vocation, to go further, we have developed Deep Gaming, a new product line for video games lovers.
With it, we aspire to take the user experience of gamers to the next level, marketing a wide catalog of articles designed specifically for this group.
Bet on CoolBox and trust a company that thinks of you, that prioritizes your experience and always to offer you the best price/quality ratio in the market. Trust on a nearby Spanish firm that, unlike other competitors, gives great value to his 100% Spanish technical support.
Trusting in CoolBox means betting on a brand, responsible and committed to offering the best quality and an extensive warranty relationship for all its products. With CoolBox you will only worry about starting to enjoy your new purchase as soon as possible.
CoolBox, faithful to its commitment to always offer the best products, forces each new catalog product to go through all kinds of controls; this way ensures that all of them obtain the certifications that confirms their quality and validity.
Our obsession for quality starts from the product’ conceptualization phase, through the commercialization and until the recycling phase of the same.
We want to be the food for your PCs and the solution for your most everyday technology. CoolBox is present in your relationship with your most everyday technology: computer components, accessories for mobile phones and tablets, power banks, hubs, headphones, speakers, chargers…
At CoolBox we take on the challenge of accompanying you every day in the best moments and experiences of your life. Will you join the CoolBox community? We will be waiting for you!


In Deep Gaming we are as gamers as you are, so we know what you need to play to another level. Yes, we are here to win with you, because what matters to us is you can enjoy every moment of your games.
Deep Gaming belongs to the computer brand CoolBox, which launched this product line to improve the game play and enjoyment of your favorite video games. Mouses, keyboards, coolers…, Deep Gaming puts all the control in your fingers so that you play like never before. Are you ready? Game on!
It is time to play different. With Deep Gaming, comfort and performance go hand in hand to make your games much more intense. Do not settle for anything. Video games are full of experiences and with our gaming products you can get the most from each of them. Play with maximum energy; take control of every move and enjoy as you never did before.
Do not forget, above your video games is your computer. If you consider yourself a geek of computer games, you need to have the most powerful components and peripherals. Give yourself a computer that assures you maximum performance in limit situations. Do not put a brake on game play!
“Anticipate to all the movements. Play without limits”
Program your mouse and keyboards with macros; reach maximum sensitivity in each of your movements; get yourself with the graphics card and the most powerful hard drive; cool your computer well so that performance does not falter. Therefore, we recommend you grease and power your gamer machine.
Trust CoolBox and Deep Gaming. We have been designing and marketing technology for 15 years to meet the needs of your day to day business. Deep Gaming thinks of you and rewards you with the best user experience. We know how you play, we know what you need and we simply offer you the best price/quality ratio.
“Deep Gaming and you will create an invincible team”
We aspire to become almost your extra life; a fellow traveler in every new challenge you take. There are no screens or levels impossible with Deep Gaming; you are the one who makes the limits. Will you join our gamer community? It’s time to play together!


VANT is a different concept, all VANT computers are pre-installed Linux series, in a clear and unique bet by the use of free software. The commitment to free software is not only with the intention of replacing an operating system with a cheaper, secure and reliable one; with Linux it transmits the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, which makes it ideal for educational environments. It is not about denying the coexistence of proprietary and free tools; in fact, combined they face better the daily reality of work and study.
The installation of Free Software in all the equipment makes it possible that when we acquire a VANT computer we use our budget to acquire 100% hardware, we are spending up to the last euro in quality and real performances.
Most of the computers of the market “hide” the price of the operating system in the total price of the computer, this reduces the benefits and the quality to maintain adjusted prices.
It includes an extensive range of equipment, offering different configurations and performance, perfectly suited to user requirements and budget. They are computers totally focused on our market; because their integration is set up and developed from beginning to end in our country.
We are committed to an ever-increasing diversity of computer formats to meet all the needs of users. VANT offers solutions to those who want something more in terms of benefits, space, budget, mobility, technology, innovation, design, etc. Therefore, we have a complete range of computers that includes: Laptops, Desktop Mini PCs and Ultra PC.
VANT proposes computers to work, to study, for leisure, even to place next to the television. All of them compatible with Windows but with Linux preinstalled.
Always pending the latest hardware in the market, in VANT we bet on a differentiation with other brands of computers.
There is a strong dynamism in its configurations, this allows to provide a VANT equipment “to the latest” in terms of features and internal components.
The most advanced manufacturers of the assembled components are carefully selected to make the most out of the whole.


Monolyth includes a handy range of 19″ rack cabinets and accessories for servers and voice and data networks. An alternative that aims to cover a much defined market segment. The perfect solution for companies looking for a multipurpose product, and with an excellent price/quality ratio, in accordance with the current requirements.
We have prepared ourselves to be able to provide a wide range of products for the accommodation of communication systems, with models designed to cover both the most demanding needs and the simplest and most flexible.
Monolyth solutions represent a quality-cost-benefit option that is hard to match. Added important business generating values such as minimum response time in production and delivery times, a permanent stock for immediate delivery, flexibility in pre-installed finishes or accessories, a constantly improving after-sales service, as well as certifications and European homologations that guarantee the quality of the products, the precise and safe work with electrical and electronic components, respect for the environment and the correct waste treatment.
Monolyth offers differentiation and innovation, maintaining values such as seriousness, commitment and support to all its distributors.
Our cabinets are robust, reliable, secure, certified and versatile. They are installed in multitude of computer systems of public and private entities … And in continuous expansion.

Monolyth IS
Monolyth Cabinets
Monolyth has a wide range of 19″ rack cabinets both wall and floor offering maximum performance in applications, computer, industrial or communications.
Cabinets designed for the storage of equipment of different dimensions in order to cover any requirement of space or needs. All this with a careful design, ease of installation, assembly and expansion, strength and durability, robustness, safety, guarantee, service, good finishes, all kinds of details, and excellent price/quality ratio.


Powercase is a unique distributor in Spain of brands as important and specific as FSP or ECS, although, in order to meet the needs of certain customers, it also distributes products from others so common in the technology market as Cooler Master. Brands that exceed consumer expectation.


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