What | What can we do for you?

POWERCASE is an importing corporation of technology capable of offering and serving, in record time, any product that you need for integration or retail sale of computers, peripherals, accessories and components.
BROWSE OUR WEBSITE and discover all that POWERCASE can do for you.
The product is important, but the customer is the one who has to be satisfied.
Use our powerful global solution | the new POWERCASE.
Every new customer is a new goal and a new solution.


Who | Who is behind PowerCase?

POWERCASE is, above all, a competent and experienced human team.
We do not only sell products and provide services. The power of our human team, facilities and resources has only one objective, to give solutions and to cover the needs of our clients globally
If something bothers you, share it, we’ll work it out together.
Our challenge is to generate benefits for our clients … and not only economically, but also that they are happier working with us and are more confident and calm in their commercial relations.
We have a Mission,

The improvement and growth of our customers is our top priority, so we do not want to waste time and energy on products and services that you do not need, but to give you solutions and meet your needs and expectations.
Give us a call and tell us your problems and requirements. We will find the solution.



Every new customer is a new goal and a new solution.

Why | Why choose PowerCase?

Exclusivity in brands: CoolBox, Monolyth, VANT, FSP, therefore
– better conditions
– possibility of products on demand
– suggestions based on customer needs
– Direct deal with the manufacturer, even to suggest changes, improvements and even new products and services.
Abuse us; every customer is a new challenge for us.
Give us your trust, and we will show you everlasting fidelity, we will always be with you (our current clients can testify to this).

How | How do we differentiate ourselves from other competitors?

– Personal treatment, exclusive and differentiated according to your needs.
Your contact in POWERCASE will be your “commercial confessor”
– Competitive, friendly and joint prices and conditions.
Our motto: Happy customers | new orders
– Permanent stock available | You’ll never lack anything
– Variety of solutions for each situation | Help us help you
– Agile logistics | I wanted it yesterday
– Importing capacity | If we do not have it, we will get it for you.
– Location | No place like Valencia

And all what’s expected to any first line company, experience and, above all, honesty. We will not be less: Guarantee, quality, competitive prices, the best quality/price ratio and a very low RMA.

If you’re worried about something, call us and share it. We will find the solution to your needs.

When | The When is also important

One of our main commitments to customers is response time. We spend as little time as possible between the call and order of the customer and to have the product in your warehouse to be able to serve. Therefore, for us, the What is important as the When, and sometimes even more.

Our commitment: offering products and services in a record time, thanks to our location, agile logistics and permanent stock, which translates into immediate product availability.


Give us your trust | you will have eternal fidelity

We will always be with you. Our customers corroborate this.
Improvement and growth of our customers is our reason for being


Where | Where can you find us?

Our privileged location, next to the port of Valencia (top Spanish container port) with excellent maritime connection with the Far East (18 days of transit between Hong Kong and Valencia), makes us have an excellent logistic agility, and some delivery times of 24 hours throughout the peninsula thanks to our permanent stock.

The spirit with which PowerCase started has not changed and won’t change, offering cutting edge technology and guaranteed quality to keep our customers satisfied.
Offering the latest is not new to us, although it is presenting our new brand identity, which preserves the values that gave us origin, underscoring our commitment to always provide the customer with the best, and with the service and guarantee you need.


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